Let's face it..


Your health is in danger because of the financial crisis!




Exercise greater control over your

Own Health.




Your Health and the Crisis!


The financial crisis has not spoken its final words yet. And, to make matters even worse, according to the leading experts, the financial system may possible collapse altogether.


If that would happen, what should we do? What if you cannot afford your health insurance anymore? What if you need medicines, but you cannot afford them any longer?


Firstly, as from now, I would like to advise you to stick to a specific dietary pattern. One that helps prevent illnesses and pain. One that helps you los weight, because, as everyone will probalbly know bij now, obesity predisposes you to health problems. So, consequently, losing a few pounds will boost your body's resistance.


It concerns the well-known equilibrium of acids/bases, which should be at 80% and 20% respectively. Click here to see a list of acid and base nutrients,  so you can bring balance to your feeding pattern.


There exists a cure for almost every disease. People have become used to regular treatments prescribed by physicians.

You receive medication for your ailments, which are medicines that are often quite expensive. Unfortunately, they often come with toxic side effects as well, which may vary between mild, unpleasant symptoms and serious ones for which hospitalization is necessary.




For every disease there is, in addition to a regular treatment, also another remedy available. A remedy that is natural, easy to apply, does not damage your health with harmful substances, but will actually cure your illness!


Because, what if you suffer from diabetes and no insulin is availeble.

Or if you have high blood pressure and you cannot buy your medication any more. Or if you have rheumatoid arthritis, or an infection. What if you have to bear the excruciating pain of kidney stones, gout, or eczema.


You can take control over all these ailments in a simple and natural way.


You may wonder why physicians are not informed about this. The answer is that sometimes they are, and sometimes they are nog. Doctors have been trained to recognize diseases and treat by using medicines. They focus on illnesses and their related symptoms for which they will try to find a remedy that fits best. Therefore, a physician is not primarily concerned with people's HEALTH.


Most doctors cannot be blamed for this; they are just doing their jobs. But why don't they know better? It is simple. For the most part, their educations are financed by the pharmaceutical industry (also known as the Pharma Mafia). And it so happens to be that The Pharmaceutical Industry is the LARGEST industry in the world.


What do you think would happen if patients were cured only by means of natural remedies? Physicians would be out of work and the Pharmaceutical Industry would have to call in the receivers.


Admittedly, we cannot go without doctors. If we suffer from an illness, we like to know exactly what we are dealing with. Tests need to be run, and diagnoses have to be made. Bone fractures have to be healed. Serious injuries must be treated, sutured up, and people have to be operated on. And so there are many more things which we simply cannot 'heal' ourselves, for which we really need a physician.


This, however, does not dispel the fact that, for most diseases, we often have available a fast and natural way to cure them.


Exercise greater control over your own Health! Learn about the numerous ways to ward off illnesses, for good!


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I wish you long and healthy life!


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    Your Health and the  Crisis